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Keeping Your Dog Warm In Winter

With Winter weather taking a nasty turn in many parts of Europe, its important for dog lovers to be vigilant of dogs at risk from the cold weather.

Who is at risk?

Puppies and senior dogs have a harder time regulating their boy temperatures. Dogs with health issues like diabetes or an altered metabolism can also have a hard time adjusting to the cold snap. Smaller dogs and dogs with thin coats like greyhounds are more sensitive to Winter weather.

Preparing your pet for Winter.

If you notice your dog gets cold outside, stock up on Dog Coats and other accessories. Some dogs also get cold inside, giving them a comfortable warm dog bed or dog mat can make all the difference to vulnerable dogs.

When is it too cold for dogs outside?

If its freezing outside and the cold air is penetrating your winter wear then best chances are your dog is also cold and should not play outside for long periods of time. Use common sense and keep an eye out for any signs of discomfort like raised paws from the ground because it is too cold.

Wet paws, salt and antifreeze.

Keep your dog safe from Rock Salt. Rock salt will be used on roads everywhere, it can upset your dogs stomach, so keep them from eating the substance. Rock salt may also irritate their paw pads. Be extra vigilant of antifreeze, it tastes sweet and is toxic to dogs.

When coming in from the cold and wet, wipe paws to ensure the don’t stay wet for too long.

Exercise is still important

It’s hard to find motivation to brave the cold, but once you and your pup are use to the temperatures and prepared for the weather with coats it’s okay to continue walks and garden play.If your area is too cold puzzle feeders and other interactive games suitable for indoor activities.


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